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Why Sellers Need Sheryl . . .

When buyers’ agents see my name as the Listing Agent at the bottom of the MLS screen or printout, they “break their necks” to do business with me — because:

I answer my phone.

I follow up.

I arrive on time.

I show up early for showings and turn on the lights and make sure the home is presentable  — (how you show a home and how you live in a home are two different matters).

I upload documents to the MLS as attachments — such as:

  1. Owners’ Disclosure
  2. HOA/COA Addenda to Contract (A/B)
  3. Condo (Governance Forms)
  4. Lead-Based Paint Addendum (Pre-1978)
  5. Survey
  6. Elevation Certificate
  7. Floor Plan or Blueprints
  8. (If folio starts with 30, Unincorporated Dade County Flood Rider) — as well as I upload HOA documents and/or Condo documents to dropbox and add a link to the attachments in MLS  —  so the potential Buyer can review and/or send to his/her attorney for review – All of the above documents (if applicable) are uploaded to MLS to make it easier for the Buyers’ Agent to  assemble the offer package.

I want the Seller to achieve the best opportunities to receive the highest offers for consideration.

I present all offers fairly.

I present all offers timely.

I allow the buyer’s agent to present in person should (s)he feel the need to do so.

I attend the showings (if necessary and if the residence is not on lockbox).

I do not “solicit” the Buyers, and I respect the Buyers and the Buyers’ agents.

Other reasons:

I market the home according to the customized plan I have provided to you.

I request a copy of the Escrow Deposit Verification from the Buyers’ Agent/Escrow Agent to make

sure that the “deposit monies” (First, Second, Third …) by the Buyers have actually CLEARED the bank.

I attend the inspections.

I attend the walk-through.

I coordinate all transaction activities through/with the attorneys (if same have been hired).

I make sure the Seller does not have to clean the home once the Seller removes his possessions; I hire a

cleaning company and coordinate same with Seller and new Buyer.

I make sure all paperwork is turned in timely and all deadlines are met.

I communicate in the manner in which the Sellers desire.

I attend the Closing and attend to after-Closing needs of my clients.

I stay in touch with my clients should any needs arise regarding my services to them in the future.